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KAPAP Krav Maga is Israeli Jiujitsu

KAPAP Krav Maga is Practical MMA

What is KAPAP

KAPAP Krav Maga was system developed by Major Avi Nardia for the Israeli Counter Terrorist Unit (YAMAM) and also adopted by various elite and special forces across the world. KAPAP is a Hebrew acronym for Krav-Panim-El-Panim, which translates to face-to-face combat.  It's official name is KAPAP-Israeli Krav Maga, but is now commonly known as KAPAP or KAPAP Krav Maga. 

KAPAP incorporates ideas from many traditional martial arts such as Karate, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Kendo, Japanese Jiujitsu, but tactics and techniques taught are distilled through the filter of practicality.  KAPAP also includes modern day applicable training such as weapons handling, firearms handling.

Focusing on principles and concepts, tactics taught are street applicable and relevant to modern day living, making it easy to retain and apply.


Facts About KAPAP Krav Maga

There is only ONE system of KAPAP founded by Grandmaster Avi Nardia. Its official name is KAPAP Krav Maga, also known as modern KAPAP.

It is not listed here. It is not KAPAP

Founder of CADRE Academy, Leon Koh is recognized as one of the leaders of KAPAP worldwide and chief instructor for Asia Pacific.